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Nunchaku kata list

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Forme normale, nunchaku tenu les kontoh vers le haut. Adaptation du kata Gojushiho-Daï du karate shotokan. On peut y ajouter les coups de pied de la forme à.

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Nunchaku no Mochikae Kata (Ways of Changing the Grip) Nunchaku no Kata "Seiryu Nunchaku" Kata no Bunkai. Language: Japanese with English subtitles. Run time: 81 min. SPD-1863. Share. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Pin on Pinterest. Customer Reviews. Based on 1 review. Write a review.

Nunchaku kata list

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The kata also includes a hidden movement whereby a third sai is drawn from the belt and thrown into an opponent's foot, pinning it to the ground. This was a Sai tactic used by many Okinawan masters of the weapon. The Nunchaku (not numchucks) is no doubt the most widely known weapon in Okinawa Kobudo.

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