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Counterpoise for random wire antennas

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The "long wire" (more correctly named as the "random wire" antenna) and the whip antennas are the lowest cost options but have some limitations which is why the more expensive active magnetic loop and discone options have become popular. ... The importance of a counterpoise or "ground" for shortwave.

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Manual 1:9 UnUn 600 Watts for long-wire antennas; Manual Common mode choke; Antenna trap kit building instructions; Manual 1:49 UnUn for End Fed antenna’s 100 Watt; ... Because the coaxial cable serves as a counterpoise capacity, this is indeed the case. Common mode choke.

Counterpoise for random wire antennas

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I decided to try 35.5' radiator wire and 17' counterpoise .... as this size is one of the good Random Wire Antenna Lengths. For counterpoise I'm not shure. KX2 manual recommends "A length of about 25 feet for each wire, matched to the KX2's output using an antenna tuner (see ATU, pg. 11)" . and "For improved performance, use at least one 1/4. All you need for a random wire antenna is some wire, your tuner, one or more supports up as high as you can get them to string the wire from the supports to the tuner, at least one or two insulators and a little time. One single wire, no solder connections, very simple.... all the way from the tuner to the end support. One of the simplest antennas you can make is a random-length vertical with a random-length counterpoise. The wires can be any length, although it’s best if you can get both wires close to the same length. Throw the vertical wire over a tree branch or tape to a non-metallic telescoping mast, and run the horizontal counterpoise a few feet off.

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