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12,271 Posts. #19 · Jun 24, 2009. jimberoo said: make sure your efi fuse isnt blown. the ignition relay switches power to the igniter and efi resistor, you can pull the ignition relay and test it by hooking power and ground to the coil side of the relay, if it clicks its ok, can do the same with the starter relay. It sends a signal to the computer via a voltage output 201393d1502131792 sensor next coolant temp sensor 90 22re what ... www aboutoutdoors Estlcam 11 License Key Try removing the pre-cat O2 sensor as a test to partially bypass the cat, does it run much better that way? the ecm waits for the engine to warm up before using the o2 sensor readings. 1987 22re 4runner starts then dies immediately. Swapped out Mass Airflow Sensor, ECU, Cold Start Injector, Cold Start - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic ... Cold Start Injector, Cold Start Injector timing Switch, Coolant Temperature Switch, Open Circuit Relay, EFI Relay, Main Relay, Checked all grounds cleaned them and the surfaces that. Southern NH. Nov 2, 2014. #2. Try the jumper on the Fp and B+ pins in the diagnostic connector first, key on, you should hear the pump humming from in the tank and hear fuel hissing through the fuel rail past the pressure regulator. If that doesn't work, take out the passenger seat (4 14mm bolts), lift up the carpeting/mat, look for the. Starter Relay Replacement Cost. The average starter relay replacement cost is between $50 and $75, depending on the car model and labor costs. The starter relay parts should cost you around $20, with the labor price at $30 to $55. Replacing a starter relay is a simple job that doesn’t require any specialized tools. This is to be used as a basic guideline to start with diagnostics, there is no substitute for a FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL. That has the most detailed and correct info for your year of 22R/22RE/22RTE. Aftermarket manuals can sometimes lead you down the wrong path since they are written for a year range of 10+ years or more..

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Version. Listed below is the vehicle specific wiring diagram for your car alarm, remote starter or keyless entry installation into your 1987-1989 Toyota 4-Runner . This information outlines the wires location, color and polarity to help you identify the proper connection spots in the vehicle. Please be sure to test all of your wires with a. 89 pickup hard to start. 22re, 4wd A/T. New ignition switch, battery, and starter relay. Starter tests good. Ground and hot to starter solid. No voltage drop across battery terminals. Single click when I turn the ignition. Sometimes after 20+ tries it very slowly turns over and eventually starts.. 413 Posts. #2 · Aug 1, 2008. push button starter botton. All you need is a hot wire to the starter button, then from the starter button to the s terminal ( inside next to the engine) on the starter and a 14 gage wire should feed the sol. fine. When the button is released it will open the circuit and stop the starter motor. Fix it two ways - if yours is the earlier model without a factory starter relay, add a relay. If you already have a relay, fix the wiring. More info here: Final fix for intermittent no-crank on the 22re. If jumping the battery to the solenoid doesn't reliably start the truck, you have a voltage or starter issue, not an ignition switch issue. Pin 36 – ignition signal from megasquirt to the igniter.This controls the timing. Connect pin 36 to IGt. Last: (optional): The 22RE efi system uses a pre-heated 02 sensor.You can configure megasquirt to ignore the 02 sensor output until the engine is warm – usually this means the 02 sensor is warm enough also.. Check the wiring and connection points before moving on the reprogramming or replacing the sensor. Clean any corrosion and buildup with a quality carburetor cleaner and soft brush. First, locate the throttle position sensor. It should be mounted to your throttle body, which is on top of your engine.

22re starter relay bypass

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It cranks for several seconds before roaring into life. Idle, low and high load are all perfectly fine, just the starts are off. For a while, I just assumed the fuel pump wiring was irrationally temperamental (if wiring can be described as such), until I looked at the specs of the cold start injector time switch. 25-45 ohms below 59F. If the car will crank but not start then the problem may be the fuel pump relay. There should be an electrical diagram on the side of the relay. Apply 12v to either side of the coil and you should here a click. Then check for continuity between the other two terminals with voltage applied.

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